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Top 2023 School Topics Round-Up

What were your top 2023 school topics?

2023 was a big year in education: as the year ticked by, students went to class, completed homework, studied for tests and exams and worked on projects. They also turned to tutoring programs at GradePower Learning to help them develop stronger skills and get better grades

From back-to-school to final exams—and at every point in between—GradePower Learning was there to provide customized tutoring programs that help students turn school struggles into major successes for students of all ages and grades! 

Any time a student struggled with a subject, or a parent worried about a grade, GradePower Learning was there to support students to reach their learning goals with customized tutoring programs that turn stressful school struggles into major successes.

Take a look back at the top learning topics of 2023 with our end-of-year school topics round-up!

Top 2023 School Topics

Take a look back at the top 2023 school topics with our round-up of our top five blog posts from the past year!

1. How Screentime Affects Learning

Studying the effects of screen time on learning is far from new. However, the pandemic brought about a major shift. Since schools closed, students relied on screens as their primary tool for learning and their entertainment outlet, significantly bumping up overall online time.

The amount of time students spend on screens has been correlated with a number of negative effects in a variety of areas, such as social/emotional issues, mental and physical health issues, and even academic issues.

Click here to read the full post about Stats To Know About Screen Time and Learning.

2. Homework Pros and Cons

Whether your family likes homework or hates it, homework is a fact of life for students. The sooner students understand homework’s role in learning and develop skills to manage it effectively, the easier it becomes.

Where do you stand in the homework debate? Click here to weigh in on The Advantages and Disadvantages of Homework.

3. Chat GPT and AI in the Classroom

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming an increasingly prevalent part of our daily lives, making it important for kids to learn to navigate the world of artificial intelligence. AI and AI-based tools will never replace the education basics. But if managed effectively can be a tool to enhance learning, both in and out of class.

Read more about how ChatGPT and AI is being used in Classrooms.

4. The Best Children’s Books of All Time

Pleasure reading declines as children age (53% of nine-year-olds read for pleasure, but only 19% of seventeen-year-olds do source). One way to combat the decline in reading for pleasure is to ensure that young children develop a strong love of reading at an early age by introducing them to books that will spark their imagination and capture their hearts. 

This BBC 100 best-loved children’s books list will surely have something for every student and every interest. Read the full BBC 100 Greatest Children’s Books post here.

5. How Tutoring Helps Students Succeed

Studies researching tutoring benefits show several critical benefits of tutoring. First, tutoring provides personalized instruction tailored to each student’s unique learning needs. This individualized attention can help students struggling with specific concepts or skills to catch up to their peers.

Additionally, tutoring can help students who are already performing well to further develop their skills and knowledge further. See more tutoring benefits you may not have known here.

See You in 2024!

From learning to read to preparing for post-secondary success, GradePower Learning’s cognitive-based tutoring programs have been helping students overcome learning struggles, develop stronger skills and get better grades.

Don’t wait to see what the new year will bring; enroll your child in a customized tutoring program today! Start the new year on the right foot with GradePower Learning.

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