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What Type Of Learner Is Your Child?

What type of learner is your child

Every student learns differently. While some student’s strengths are reading or writing, other students learn more effectively through hands-on activities.

Understanding how your child learns best is a large part of helping your child perform to his or her fullest potential. And that starts with finding out what type of learner your child is.

Determining Your Child’s Learning Style

There are 4 main learning styles: Visual, Auditory, Reading/Writing, and Kinesthetic. Many students use a combination of each, but usually have one style that works best for them.

Using the right study method makes all the difference when it comes to your child understanding (and remembering) the material. By knowing your child’s learning style, you can choose effective study methods that complement strengths rather than work against them.

Remember, there isn’t always one right answer. Your child may fall into more than one learning style category. The best way to find out how your child learns best is to try a few different methods and see which works most effectively!

What Is Your Child’s Learning Style?

Find out what type of learner your child is by answering the following questions. Make note of categories where you are commonly answering “yes”—these are the ones that represent the type of learning style your child favors.

  Is Your Child A Visual Learner?

  • My child excels at visual activities (such as art)
  • My child enjoys books that include illustrations (such as pictures, graphs, maps, etc.)
  • My child is good at recognizing and recalling people, words, and places
  • My child is very interested in the world and objects around him or her
  • My child does best when provided an example of the task he or she is working on

Study Tips For Visual Learners

  • Use different colors to create study notes
  • Make study flashcards to use for review
  • Create mind maps, charts, and diagrams when studying

  Is Your Child An Auditory Learner?

  • My child excels at auditory activities (such as music)
  • My child frequently sings, hums, or talks when playing or doing schoolwork
  • My child does well when following verbal instructions
  • My child enjoys talking and having conversations with others
  • My child listens to all the instructions before starting on a task
  • My child asks a lot of questions when working on tasks or activities

Study Tips For Auditory Learners

  • Recite study notes out loud
  • Make up rhymes, songs, or stories when studying
  • Talk through areas your child is struggling with

  Is Your Child A Reading/Writing Learner?

  • My child often writes things down or takes notes when working on a task
  • My child enjoys reading books and writing stories
  • My child is good at remembering what he or she has read
  • My child works best alone in a quiet space
  • My child does best when writing down instructions to follow for a task

Study Tips For Reading/Writing Learners

  • Write study notes out by hand
  • Create checklists to guide studying
  • Organize study notes using headings and lists

  Is Your Child A Kinesthetic Learner?

  • My child excels at physical activities (such as sports)
  • My child has a hard time sitting still while learning
  • My child enjoys hands-on activities
  • My child enjoys active learning activities like drawing or study games
  • My child prefers to jump straight into a task and get started

Study Tips For Kinesthetic Learners

  • Create practice tests to use while studying
  • Turn studying into a fun activity or game
  • Squeeze a stress ball while studying


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