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In-class Learning - GradePower Learning

In-Person Tutoring at GradePower Learning The Woodlands

Discover School Success This Year with GradePower Learning!

Using the science of cognitive learning, GradePower Learning creates customized learning programs that help students meet their learning goals this year with in-person or online programs.

From Pre-K to College Readiness, we focus on understanding your child and providing the help and support he or she needs to be successful.

We offer our students:

  • A comfortable environment for asking questions and learning. We pride ourselves on providing a space where students can learn at their own speed.
  • A selection of different subject areas — from math to English, we cover it all.
  • Study and organizational skills that keep students efficient inside and outside the classroom.
  • Support and help from our esteemed instructors and educators.

A Safe Learning Environment

All our locations follow the strictest health and safety procedures including strict daily cleaning and sanitation procedures, limiting capacity, and social distancing to ensure your child’s learning environment is as safe as possible for instruction.

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Three of my four children attend GradePower Learning and the results have been amazing! In January, my four-year-old was diagnosed as having mild autism and, at that time, he had the fine motor skills of a child less than half his age. He started attending the Little Readers program in March and, since then, his fine motor skills have completely caught up to age level! At the beginning of the program, he had to learn each letter and its corresponding sound, then write the letter, then color the letter, then cut out the letter, and also discuss or sing songs about the letter and words in which it can be found. This process, no doubt, is what has led to his spectacular results! Now, about six months later, my son is already reading short words and has the confidence to sound out new, unfamiliar words. He still also writes, colors, and cuts in each session, which have resulted in enormous improvements in his handwriting and coloring skills. It's like he's a different child altogether, in terms of his fine motor skills and desire to learn. Ms. Amy, at GradePower Learning, helped my son progress much faster and much further than any of his occupational therapists ever did--and at, ultimately, a much lower cost. After a relatively short time with Little Readers, my four-year-old went from absolutely hating books and running away when we tried to read to him, to actively pulling books off the shelf at home to try to read them on his own! Ms. Amy has also incorporated numbers and early math skills into my son's program; as a result, he is already adding and subtracting, ahead of his time. GradePower Learning has worked a true miracle with my youngest child so that I now have very few concerns about his success when he starts kindergarten next year. GPL's tutoring programs have also been wonderful for my two older children, both in fourth grade. GradePower Learning first performed a comprehensive assessment of their abilities and then specifically tailored each child's tutoring program to address his or her weak spots. Other tutoring programs we have tried in the past offered just a "one size fits all" approach to learning, which was "OK" but nowhere near as effective as the customized program we get at GradePower Learning. Tutoring is not cheap, but the price per session at GPL is reasonable and consistent with market rates. In the end, however, we feel we are getting far more than our money's worth in the exponential improvements we have seen in our children's abilities after a relatively short time with this program. We are happy customers, indeed! . . . Also, one final note, we love the new owner, Nicole! She is present every day and has been extremely flexible and hard working. The programs at GPL have always been good, but now the administration and owner interface is much better streamlined and more pleasant.


Our daughter received a disappointing score on the PSAT when she took it the first time in ninth grade, even though we had spent weeks helping her prepare for the test using study guides and online practice tests. We decided to enroll her in GradePower Learning's test prep program because they were able to schedule her lessons around her sports activities. We were amazed when we received her PSAT score this year. She went up 240 points! She is continuing to work on SAT and ACT test prep with Ms. Kavita at GradePower Learning. We want to be sure that she gets the highest scores she is capable of before she starts applying to universities next year. We are 100% sure that GradePower Learning and Ms. Kavita can make that happen!

Marianne M.

If anyone is looking to put their kids in a great program to get them ready for Kindergarten, I highly suggest looking into GradePower Learning in The Woodlands. My daughter has been in a program called Little Readers since she was 3 now and she has learned SO much because of it. Her teacher, Ms. Amy, is amazing with the kids and they ADORE her. Not only do they offer the little readers program, but they have sessions for older children as well to help them excel in K thru 12th grade. I attended GradePower Learning in high school and I really loved how the "coaches" understood me and really worked with me so I could pass my classes. If you're interested, please call and get information about the different programs that will work for you!

Stephanie P.

Our daughter's lifelong dream was to be an Aggie. She knew she had to make a good score on her ACT to be considered at TAMU. She took the test after a prep course at school and did not do as well as she hoped. We decided to enroll her in GradePower Learning's test prep program to see if she could improve her score. After just a couple of months working with Ms. Kavita, she improved her test score by 4 points! We are proud to say she will be in the Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of 2022! Thank you, Ms. Kavita and GradePower Learning for making her dream come true! Whoop and Gig 'Em!

Kristi B.

The SAT/ACT prep classes offered by Mrs. Kavita at GradePower Learning raised my SAT score by 200 points to a score of 1510 and I got a 34 on my first attempt at the ACT! I had so much practice after taking Mrs. Kavita's class I felt extremely prepared and comfortable as I was taking the tests. She also worked around my schedule and I was able to choose what days I wanted to come in. I recommend everyone I know who is about to take the SAT/ACT to take the classes offered at GPL

Caroline B.

My girls started with GradePower Learning in the summer of 2019 and have loved it ever since. The tutors are engaged and have knowledge of many of their school subjects. The owner Nicole and her staff/tutors take interests in them and strive to achieve THEIR GOALS in school and in life. I recommend GradePower Learning The Woodlands because of the "personal touch" they give to each of their students.

John B.

The Woodlands Team Members

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Center Director

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Center Manager

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Center Manager

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Quality Tutoring in The Woodlands

Originally a suburb of Houston, The Woodlands has grown into a major Texas economic center, as well as a bustling community. This has allowed the city to grow incredibly fast, attracting people for both professional and personal reasons. With the local schools becoming more and more competitive, many parents in The Woodlands are turning to GradePower Learning® to help their children excel academically.

At our one-of-a-kind tutoring facility, we create customized curriculums for each student on our roster. Learn more about our Woodlands tutoring programs below.

Serving The Woodlands & Beyond

Here at GradePower Learning® in The Woodlands, our tutors also assist students from: Tomball, Hufsmith, Shenandoah, Woodloch, Sleepy Hollow, and Spring.

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  • Math Tutoring in The Woodlands

    Math’s abstract concepts can be intimidating to many students. Our math tutors know how to make concepts more relatable and engaging for developing minds, helping each student better understand math problems.

  • Science Tutoring in The Woodlands

    Students who have trouble with science often develop a love for the subject at GradePower Learning®, where our science tutors have created an engaging lesson plan that makes learning about how the world works fun and interesting.

  • English Tutors in The Woodlands

    Be it reading, writing, or speaking, English is essential to good communication skills and success inside and outside of the classroom. Our tutors can help students get a better grasp on the ins and outs of language in no time.

  • SAT & ACT Tutoring in The Woodlands

    Our prep programs help reduce the stress of SATs & ACTs with customized workbooks and study guides designed to build students’ skills and confidence so they can perform well on exams and get into the college of their choice.

Does Your Child Struggle to Complete Homework?

Learn more about what causes homework stress and how GradePower Learning’s programs can help.

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