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Lloyd Moffatt

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Chinwe Moffatt

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Leigh Barnes

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Sonia Gupta

Teacher - Little Readers/R.E.A.D. Elite Program

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Is Your Child’s Brain Ready to Head Back to School?

For most families, back to school means heading to the mall for new school supplies—new clothes, book bags, binders, etc.  Unfortunately, new gear doesn’t help kids prepare their brains for the new school year.

Studies show that kids lose about 2.6 months worth of learning during the summer. This means that kids often spend up to 6 weeks reviewing and simply getting back into the swing of things when school starts again, rather than learning new material.

“Being ready to learn from the first day of school gives a student a considerable advantage,” says Lloyd Moffatt, Center Director of GradePower Learning Frisco.  “A student who starts the new school year off ahead is more likely to stay ahead for the entire year.”

While kids who keep learning all summer are cognitively primed for a better start, there is still plenty that parents can do right now—whether school is in session or not—to help jump-start their children’s brains for the new school year.

Six Tips to Prepare Kids’ Brains for Back to School

  1. Use the ‘s’ word. Help kids get into the school frame of mind by talking about school. How many days until the first day? What are they looking forward to? What’s their best memory from last year? Kids may need some conversational prompting, so reference highlights from last year, and be sure to keep it positive to build excitement!
  2. Hit the sheets. Nothing makes an early morning routine worse than a lack of sleep the night before. Plus, kids need a full night’s sleep to stay mentally alert all day in class. Start implementing bedtimes now…even for older kids. It makes learning (and morning routines) that much easier.
  3. Get on schedule. The school year is all about scheduled timing. Start times. End times. Recess. Lunch. Home time. Re-introducing reliable routines before school starts ensures that there will be no adjustment shock when school bells ring once again.
  4. TV off, homework on. During the school year, TVs and computers are kids’ biggest homework distractions. Start eliminating bad homework habits by turning off the TV during the after-school hours, coming to the table, and engaging in brain-challenging activities.
  5. Review.  Pull out last June’s report card to review teacher comments and marks. Talk to the kids about expectations, and have them write out some learning goals for the school year.  This gets them thinking about grades, and it helps them take ownership of their learning process.
  6. Read. Keep the brain primed for academics by reading regularly.  Reading is the best-known way to develop vocabulary and reading comprehension skills, both of which keep the cognitive wheels turning and pay off big time in the classroom.

For more information about getting your child ready to have a great school year, contact us at GradePower Learning Frisco (972) 325-1195, or visit us online at gradepowerlearning.com    

What Parents & Students Are Saying

GradePower Learning Frisco is phenomenal! We learned about it through our son's school. We started tutoring for our 8th grade son in February. Even before we began our tutoring sessions we were impressed with the level of attention, detail, and customer service we received from Lloyd and his team during our initial introduction to their services through the Student Assessment conducted on our sons. The time they took to assess their learning styles, strengths, areas of needed improvement was unexpected. They were able to pinpoint not only the educational deficiencies and strengths, but the emotional influences affecting their learning as well. I have used different tutoring services. The difference between the other experiences and GradePower Learning is that they address the “whole person" when it comes to tutoring, which is so important in any educational environment. We received a thorough written synopsis and report as well as a scheduled meeting to go over every aspect of the assessment. Because of the report we are better able to understand how to assist our sons based on how they learn and what they need to thrive as well as be strong advocates for them at school by arming ourselves and their teachers with the information they needed to effectively and specifically teach our children. We were in after that! Our 8th grade son was struggling in Algebra in the fall. He typically did not have issues with math and loves the subject. He has a goal of becoming an engineer and inventor, so we know math is an essential component to reaching that goal. We decided to focus on math and science at the tutoring center to give him some support. At the time we began at the tutoring center in February he had received a "C" on his last semester report card. My son was getting discouraged and starting to question whether he should pursue engineering. We set a goal, with our son's input, to increase his grade up to a B or B+ after three months. Well on his most recent report card after only two months he has an "A" in Algebra I. Not only did he get an A in math. He ended up on Honor Roll once again with all "As" and 2 "B"s. Our son enjoys tutoring. He said he can really relate to and easily understand the concepts his tutor Gene helps him with. He looks forward to going each week. His confidence level that we saw him losing has gone back up. He no longer doubts his abilities and is more determined than ever to continue his path to becoming an engineer and owning his own engineering company. Thank you GradePower Learning for the care and compassion you incorporate in your proven system to reach our children. Thank you for partnering with our local schools and providing additional prep test services above our tutoring fees and offering workshops for other kids in the community. The investment in our kids through your services are worth every penny! We anticipate it paying off when we get to testing, future scholarship opportunities, and college prep. We look forward to having you and your staff around to help our son navigate through these next crucial years of learning.

Katrina Moore

"We are very pleased with the team at GradePower Learning Frisco. They are very involved and passionate about providing the appropriate tools for life learning success. My daughter is much more motivated, organized, and independent in her approach toward school. Her school teachers and I have noticed this improvement as well."

Van Nguyen

My son came in during the summer of First Grade really struggling with reading and his confidence. He disliked school and acted out a lot due to frustration. By the time fall came around, he was like a new kid going into Second Grade. His confidence has grown and his reading has improved tremendously! He no longer acts out in frustration and his interest in books and school has increased drastically. Lloyd, the Center Director, and Stacy, the Education Coordinator, are amazing! You can tell they love their jobs and have a passion for helping kids reach their full potential all while providing and safe and fun environment for little minds to grow. I would highly recommend GradePower Learning to any families looking to help strengthen their kids' educational confidence!

Cynthia Andree

GradePower Learning is very different from other tutoring centers. The tutors here are amazing,they're very passionate about whatever they teach. They always make sure the children revise and get the concept before their tutoring session ends. I highly recommend this for all grade levels starting from pre-K to the higher grades."

Mansi Gupta

Wow...Tony and I taught for many years in the public school setting. We were fortunate to be able to spend two hours at GradePower Learning on Friday and left very impressed! If we had had GradePower Learning when our kids were struggling, life would have been far different. The facility was very, very clean, and the set up was very organized. It is obvious that the students and learning are the primary focus here. If your student is struggling, talk to GradePower Learning and leave your home time for family building time.

Tony and Melissa Casteel

I have spoken to other tutoring companies, but none can compare to GradePower Learning Frisco. The environment and staff are very inviting and warm. My son has been going for 30 days and I can see improvement in his math and reading skills. His confidence has improved and now he's not afraid to ask questions. Mason is an excellent tutor and Lloyd does a phenomenal job of matching the students with the tutor. Lloyd also takes the time to explain the entire tutoring process as well as forecasting your child's progress. I would recommend GradePower Learning Frisco to anyone who has a child struggling or in need of a refresher.

Kissia Thomas

GradePower Learning Center in Frisco is a top-notch tutoring center. As a former teacher, I was very impressed with the attractive, well-organized center that is sure to take care of all of your child's learning needs. The center is owned and run by a very friendly and experienced couple, Lloyd and Chinwe Moffatt. You won't be disappointed!

Medena Thurman

My 17-year-old was having trouble getting his score up for the SAT. We gave GradePower Learning a chance to help him get the score we wanted. We signed up for the 5-week course and they helped him focus in on his weaknesses, and in the end, he made the score we wanted. I do believe the GradePower Learning team is definitely worth the money for such an important test like the SAT. Our two smaller children are getting routine tutoring and are progressing really well. The best part is they will customize the tutoring to meet your child's needs.

Aisha Khalid

The team at GradePower Learning Frisco is absolutely the best. I've witnessed their passion and determination to help families like ours that want to give their children a boost of confidence in their learning abilities and help by giving them a leg up in their school work as well as changing the lives of children who have been struggling in school but now see a difference because of GradePower Learning. They've been wonderful to work with and I'd recommend them to any parent that want's their child to not only succeed but also find confidence in him/her self knowing they are able to make the grades too.

Beverly Carroll-Wilson

"Awesome tutoring center! Amazing people! The team at GradePower Learning can truly make a positive impact on your child's academic success. They are passionate about what they do and really know how to help kids excel in school, in a fun and sustainable way. If you have kids that want to improve their learning skills and boost their confidence, GradePower Learning Frisco is the place to be."

Juan Pablo Herrera

In watching Lloyd interact with my young daughter, I know that Lloyd has found his purpose in educating young people. If you are looking for a system to help your child learn and pull out the best of who they are, look to GradePower Learning.

Michelle Parks Ames

"Great staff, facility, and a very unique learning experience! Highly Recommend!"

Isaiah Rojas

Thanks for the tour and the detailed explanation of the process at GradePower Learning, Lloyd. It's an upbeat environment for learning, colorful, and full of reference (and testing!) materials that can be used to help bolster a child's' education. Most importantly, your passion for what you do really tells. I would not hesitate to offer you and GradePower Learning Frisco up as a resource for parents that want to ensure their kids succeed in school.

Bill Krueger

Great tutoring and learning center to the Frisco area. Was able to visit the facility and meet the director who gave me a tour of the facility. If you are looking for a tutoring facility that meets your child's specific needs you want to check this place out...Highly recommended.

Ishmael Olewe

What's New at Frisco

Are you preparing to take dual enrollment? You will have to achieve a passing score on the TSI if you do not qualify for exemption.

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is a program designed to determine if a student is ready for college-level course work in the general areas of reading, writing and mathematics. This program will also help determine what type of course or intervention will best meet the student's needs and assist him or her in becoming better prepared for college-level coursework.

GradePower Learning Frisco is a leader is providing a solid prep program so you will be successful. The hands-on instruction you will receive will enhance your knowledge in all three areas of the TSI. Call now to schedule your program.  


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Preparing for University


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Workshop takes place every Saturday:

Dates: February 2 to March 30, 2019

Times: 12.00 pm to 1.30 pm.




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Scenic, lakeside Frisco, Texas is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, one of the largest concentrations of businesses in the country. Frisco itself is also one of the fastest-growing cities in the state, making it a great community for GradePower Learning®’s tutoring facility to be a part of.

At GradePower Learning®, professional tutors empower kids of all ages with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to master core subjects and prepare for a successful education career. Learn more about our Frisco tutoring programs below.

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