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How do routines lead to better grades? We all know that routines are an important part of everyday life. Young or old, routines can affect everything in life. Sleeping, eating, leaving the house each day: a routine provides structure and consistency. When facing uncertain times, routines become an essential part of life.

How Routines Can Benefit your Child in the Coming Year

  1. Boosting Communication. As children engage regularly, they become more familiar with the experience, leading to more meaningful and important conversations. These types of communication routines can become especially important in times of crisis and uncertainty. A daily routine of communication can help build a sense of security in children and a sense of community and cooperation. 
  2. Creating a Schedule Can Eliminate Conflict. When routines can be established and set, it can eliminate conflict. Daily chores like brushing teeth, homework time, or even a nap schedule can stop being a nagging chore and become something your child will look forward to. That is why it is vital to schedule regular daily tasks as well as fun activities and experiences.
  3. Reduce Stress, Anxiety, and Improve Mood. Routines are great for creating a schedule or improving communication. Still, all these things amount to one significant benefit—an overall reduction in stress for you and your children. When children can remain in a stable routine, they are more confident and less likely to experience the stress brought on by new experiences and not know what will happen next each day.

How Stress Affects Students

A study by the Washington Post looked at how stress in the classroom can affect students. The researchers found that “stress in the classroom environment affects children’s likelihood of exhibiting learning problems, externalizing problems, problems interacting with peersThese findings suggest that stress — in the form of negative classroom conditions — negatively affects the way children pay attention in class, stay on task, and are able to move from one activity to another.

With so much uncertainty in our lives, it is essential to realize how impactful a steady routine can be for your children. That is why we believe it is important to have well-established routines during the school year and all year. That’s why we offer various programs year-round to help keep your kids in a daily learning routine. If you want more information on establishing routines, check out our blog, “Reintroducing Regular Routines.”

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