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Editing Skills Are Key for Better Marks

Students Using Editing Skills

Don’t leave extra marks on the table, boost grades in all subjects with stronger editing skills. Editing is not just for essays; editing skills can help students get better marks in all subjects, including math class!

More than simply reviewing their work, editing skills allow students to analyze the quality of their work and made adjustments and improvements.

Editing and Writing Skills

Writing is a skill that students use in every subject, not just in English class. Being able to review their writing and make corrections not only improves writing skills but can also help students become more confident learners. Editing is more important than simply hoping for a better grade. By self-editing, students catch simple errors. It also helps students become more accountable for their work and can improve the outcome of the finished product.

Check Your Work 101

Follow these simple steps to catch mistakes in any assignment where writing is required:

  1. Read out loud. Reading aloud adds an auditory element and slows the reader down. This strategy makes it easier to think about the content and observe its readability. 
  2. Create an editing checklist. Create a simple list of common editing tasks to refer to when self-editing. Scan for punctuation. Look for spelling mistakes. Check for duplication.
  3. Start with the basics. During the first round of edits, have your child focus on only finding missed/overused capitalization and punctuation. Once that’s complete, they can spend more time on structure and grammar. 
  4. Ask for help! A second set of eyes can help see any missed mistakes.
  5. Set aside enough time to complete and edit the work. If your child procrastinates, they are more likely to skip the editing process. Giving themselves adequate time for the project will ensure they are able to review it before submission.

Develop Strong Editing Skills at GradePower Learning

The ability to review one’s own work and make corrections as needed is an important skill. At GradePower Learning, all students learn self-editing skills that help them catch mistakes, communicate more clearly, and get better grades. Ask us about how our English program can help your child build stronger editing skills!

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