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GradePower Learning’s English tutors help students build better English skills and ignite a passion for learning.

At GradePower Learning, our cognitive approach helps students build the confidence needed to be successful academically. Our 7th grade English help teaches students skills they can use for years to come, including study skills, homework planning, and most importantly, confidence.

Our customized Grade 7 English tutoring programs focus on the unique learning needs of your child, helping him or her master the skills needed to excel in English class and beyond. Personalized programs that build skills in a fun and engaging way—that’s the GradePower Learning difference.

7th Grade English Tutoring Subjects

  • Determine central ideas in a text and analyze their development
  • Analyze the structure used to organize a text
  • Evaluate and compare arguments and claims
  • Compare and contrast a text to an audio, video, or multimedia version
  • Determine the meaning of words and phrases used in a text
  • Write arguments, supporting claims with reasons and evidence
  • Clearly organize ideas, concepts, and information
  • Develop and explain a topic with relevant facts, definitions, details, and quotations
  • Produce clear, coherent, and engaging writing
  • Understand the function of phrases and clauses in specific sentences
  • Distinguish between simple, compound, and complex sentences
  • Demonstrate understanding and correct use of capitalization, punctuation, and spelling
Speaking & Listening
  • Pose questions that elicit elaboration
  • Analyze the main ideas presented in diverse media and formats

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