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The Importance of the Report Card Chat

It’s report card season! A new grade brings changes in curriculum and in teacher communication, which can result in a confusing and meaningless report card. There’s a lot of stress tied to performance reports: parents know that good results mean more opportunities in the future, so doing well in school is essential.

That’s why it’s so important to not view report cards as endpoints, but rather as a starting point for important discussions about school.

What do Report Cards Mean?

Report cards are just ONE of the many ways that parents can stay informed of their child’s academic progress during the year. While they are an important part of the reporting-feedback cycle between schools and parents, they are not the MOST important part.

Almost more important than formal feedback from the school about grades is parents being involved and informed of their child’s progress. Research shows that parents’ involvement in their child’s education leads to better grades. That’s why reviewing report cards and setting aside time to talk about grades is so important!

Let’s Talk About Grades

It’s important to have an open and honest discussion with your child about their report card. Check out these tips for a healthy and effective report card discussion. And, be sure to follow up with the teacher! A good teacher will help you understand the report card so that you can respond appropriately and make the necessary changes. 

Get Help and Make a Plan of Action

It can be easy to feel frustrated and even angry when your child brings home a poor report card. Before reacting out of anger, take time to calm down and feel more relaxed before talking to your child. A more gentle approach can lead to better results.

Check out these tips for handling a bad report card.

If your child needs additional help understanding a subject or developing better study skills, hiring a tutor can help. A tutor can give your child the extra attention he or she needs to break down difficult concepts and develop the skills needed to succeed.

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