10 Literacy Tips for Young Learners

Have a young child at home? A strong academic future is built on one fundamental skill: reading. Instil a love for books and reading early and your child will benefit in the future with strong reading and language skills developed at an early age.

Here are 10 tips to help your young one develop strong literacy skills and learn to love reading!

1. Read to your child at night before bed. Make it the ‘wind-down’ part of your bedtime routine, and read as many different books as possible. When they begin to learn to read themselves, let them read to you!

2. Visit the library and/or join a reading group. Ask the librarian for suggestions of books on subjects your child enjoys.

3. Play games involving letters, sounds, and words.

4. Make sure your child sees you reading as well. Talk about what you’re reading independently and what you’re reading together. Ask your child questions about books’ content.

5.  Get creative! Draw pictures, mould clay, or act out scenes from what you have read.

6. Have your child keep a journal or diary or scrapbook to draw pictures, doodle, or write about what is happening every day. One or two words a day to start can form a habit of writing that your child carries throughout their life.

7. Have reading material available at your home. If your child has outgrown some of his/her books, consider donating them and checking out secondhand stores for cheap ‘new-to-you’ books for your child to read. Again, the library is also helpful for discovering new favorites.

8. Teach your child a new word every day or week. A strong vocabulary is a big predictor of school success.

9. New movie coming out that your child is excited to see? Check if it’s a book. Read the book together first, then watch the movie and compare!

10. Your tip here: What is your #10 tip for helping young children develop a love of reading?

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