January is an important month for everyone, and school in January is no exception! January is the first month of the new year, and a lot is going on!  Students are back in class after the holiday break and back to their learning routine. But going back to class is not always easy! The transition […]

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Students being productive

When it comes to completing school work, being productive shouldn’t feel overwhelming. Having a productive school year helps students reduce stress, accomplish their tasks, and increase their overall satisfaction in their work and with their efforts. But what does productivity mean for students? It doesn’t mean doing schoolwork all the time. For students, productivity simply […]

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personalized learning energizes students

Is personalized learning the key to helping struggling students succeed? Unlike the traditional teaching and learning model, personalized learning puts students in the driver’s seat of their own learning. Traditional teaching and learning center around a one-to-many model with one teacher for many students. Most parents will have already experienced the struggles connected with the […]

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