Did you know that a strong vocabulary is a predictor of student success? Research shows that general vocabulary knowledge is a major factor in academic achievement. Studies also show that vocabulary exposure increases with daily reading time. Between kindergarten and Grade 12, students with an average daily reading time of 30+ minutes encounter 13.7 million words in […]

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View Post Should you enroll your child in a class to study a second language? Research shows that children who study a language other than their native tongue have a variety of cognitive benefits, such as mental flexibility, nonverbal problem-solving abilities, and enhanced critical thinking skills. Study Stats for US Students Other than English, most […]

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Being proficient in one’s native language is one important skill. However, learning a second language helps a student stand out from the rest. As the world becomes more advanced, the importance of learning a second language has become even more critical.  Acquiring a second language is something all students should consider to enhance their future. […]

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