School has been closed for two weeks. Likely you’ve already played all your board games, walked around your neighborhood, watched tv, and played online. Whether it’s workbooks or museum tours, math games or science experiments, there are so many great free online resources available, keeping the learning going at home can be as simple as […]

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teacher watching her class colour

Goals are crucial to school success (and areas of life beyond the classroom). Setting and tracking goals helps your child learn important life skills such as planning, organization, and time management while also building communication skills, self-awareness, and confidence. Creating and tracking goals is a great way to understand your child’s current academic standing and […]

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School stress can affect other areas of life as well.

Stress is a normal reaction to change—which can be good or bad! Good stress helps to sharpen thinking skills and helps the body perform better (like improved sports performance). But bad stress can have the opposite effect. Stress triggers the body’s “fight-or-flight” response. The brain releases hormones as a response to stress that can be […]

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Young student smiling holding books.

Having confidence means being self-assured about your own abilities. It means knowing your strengths and being able to use those strengths in a valuable way. For many students, facing new material they don’t know, being corrected, and examined on a regular basis can chip away at their self-confidence, causing them to begin questioning their own […]

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