Closeup of boy in blue shirt writing in his binder in a classroom

A smart child doesn’t always translate to a good report card. It seems like twisted logic, but there are actually many “smart” children who don’t get the grades parents would expect. What’s happening here? Many parents are unsure of how to help when their child’s grades start to slip, especially if he or she got […]

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A young girl working on school work with her mother helping

Struggling grades, homework meltdowns, school stress—if this sounds like your child, you’ve probably asked yourself the question: “Does my child need a tutor?” Children can benefit from tutoring in many ways. For some, a tutor can help boost performance in a particular subject that may be causing struggles. For others, tutoring develops learning skills students […]

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The key to success for students is making sure they are engaged with any material they are learning. Sometimes, that’s easier said than done. For many students, the traditional classroom approach leaves them bored and unengaged. As a result, they aren’t effectively learning (or understanding) the material being taught. That’s where inquiry-based learning comes in. […]

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