Students talking about a report card outside.

It’s a question asked by both parents and students alike—and often comes up when a student is struggling in school. First things first: Grades matter in every year of a student’s education. They reveal how much course material a student is grasping, his or her current skill level, and any areas where he or she […]

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Parent teacher interview

Parent-teacher conferences are a great way for parents to stay involved and keep themselves informed of what’s going on with their child inside the classroom. However, many parents may not know what to expect when parent teacher conferences roll around, or how they should be preparing. All this can make parent-teacher interviews seem overwhelming. But […]

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The good, the bad, and the ugly — no matter what the results, a student’s report card should always be discussed. Having this conversation can sometimes be difficult, but it is one that ensures parents are actively participating in their child’s education. Whether you’re ecstatic or less than thrilled, here are some tips for helping your report […]

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