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5 Ways To Kick Off A Successful School Year

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A successful school year starts with the proper planning.

The start of a new school year is just around the corner. And that means it’s time to begin thinking about how you can help your child make this year a successful one.

Ready to get started? We know we are—so we’re sharing our top 5 tips to kick off a successful school year (no matter what grade your child is entering).

5 Tips For Starting Off The School Year Right

  1. Review last year’s report card
  2. Take a look at where your child excelled last year, and where there is room for improvement. Maybe your child struggled in a particular subject, or could use some practice building skills like organization or time management. Make sure to also read any comments your child’s teacher left to identify any of these issues.

  3. Set new goals for the year
  4. After you have reviewed last year’s highs and lows, think about what goals your child wants to achieve this year. Set small, easy goals your child can achieve quickly (such as using an agenda every day) as well as bigger goals your child can work toward (like getting a B in math by midterms).

  5. Overhaul your child’s routine
  6. The new school year is a chance to start fresh and overcome bad habits that can get in the way of learning. Create new routines and habits for this year, including morning and evening routines, eating habits, after-school routines, and study habits. Start working on these routines from the first day of class and settle into a school year with better habits.

  7. Start using an agenda
  8. The secret to a more organized school year: an agenda! Get your child into the habit of using an agenda early and sticking to it throughout the year. Students can use agendas to keep track of to-do lists, stick to study schedules, plan extracurricular activities, and countdown to tests and exams.

  9. Reach out for extra support
  10. School may not be in session yet, but it’s not too soon to get some extra help to make sure your child is prepared. A tutor can help your child address any potential issues from last year before they become a problem, or even just get a head start on the upcoming year.

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