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Achieving college success is more complicated than simply being accepted into a great school.

Whether they are in 11th or 12th grade, teens need all the support that they can get. From preparing to write college entrance exams, to college applications and choosing the right school, there is a lot at stake for teens. The decisions that they are making right now are decisions that can have a lasting impact on their future. Feeling supported and in their decision-making process can help them make navigate this important time in their lives with confidence.

More than Great Grades

Teens need top marks to get into the school of their choice. But, great grades do not equal guaranteed success. Without the proper study skills, the transition from high school to post-secondary can be difficult. 

Research shows that many teens are not ready for the responsibilities of adulthood, including managing their studies, relationships, and their mental health. All of this can feel overwhelming if their post-secondary institution is in a different city or state. source

According to Education Data, the overall dropout rate for undergraduate college students is 40%, with 30% of teens dropping out of college after their freshman year. Teens need additional support as they navigate this time in their lives. Stronger study and learning skills can help teens avoid the common pitfalls during their first year and find college and university success.

College Success Skills to Boost Graduation Rates:

Having reliable study skills is essential. These skills help students get organized, stay focused, retain information correctly, and beat procrastination.

  • Fine-tuned time management skills that eliminate procrastination.
  • Goal-setting and planning abilities to manage an increased workload.
  • Strengthened note-taking skills for better information retention.
  • Paying attention to the learning process. Achieving mastery in a subject or topic independent of the teacher is an invaluable skill all students can develop and use in any learning situation. 
  • Accepting failure as an opportunity for growth. Failing can seem scary but it helps students develop learning skills, boost their sense of determination, and build self-esteem.
  • Consistency and effort to keep moving forward.
  • Learning to access and use the support resources available to them.

GradePower Learning’s Programs Can Help!

Our College Prep programs can help teens develop the essential skills to succeed in college. Whether preparing to write college entrance exams, navigate the college application process, or strengthen study and learning skills our programs can help teens navigate the transition into increased workloads and higher expectations of college. Stressed it might be too late for your 11th or 12th Grade student? No need to worry! There is still time to improve skills and achieve education goals before the next chapter after graduation.

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