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Five Tips To Make Online Learning Engaging and Fun

Most schools transitioned to online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Students and teachers are learning how to navigate this new way of learning. Creating an engaging online learning environment can increase student participation and attention. Online learning is unknown territory for most students and teachers.

To be successful, online learning requires discipline and focus. However, that does not mean it can’t also be fun! In the classroom, teachers are able to make learning fun using activities, which keep students engaged. These e-learning tips can help students become more engaged and enjoy their virtual learning time.

Online Learning Tips To Keep Students Motivated

Online Learning Tips For Success

  1. Follow a Daily Routine: During a normal school year, students follow a daily routine. Having a daily routine can reduce stress levels and help students feel confident. Schedule disruptions can affect both young and old students alike, causing a loss of motivation. When in-person learning is suspended, it’s important that students follow a normal learning routine when online learning.
  2. Being Organized: Being organized allows students to focus on their online learning and helps to reduce distractions. Similar to in the classroom, students should have any note materials on hand during online classes and tutoring sessions. Before each class, take 10 minutes to get set up online. Open up the laptop or turn on the computer. Gather all books and get any other supplies ready.
  3. Create A Study Studio: A Study Studio is a dedicated area of your house where online learning can happen without distractions. Study Studios help students get into a learning mindset quicker and stay there for longer, which makes time spent learning more effective! Learn more.
  4. Online Participation: Teachers use several strategies during class to encourage discussion. While it can be intimating to speak up in front of the class, online platforms often have chat features that allow students to submit answers without having the entire class watching them. Participating in class can make students feel motivated.
  5. Being healthy. Sleep habits, nutrition, physical activity and even screentime can all affect how well students learn online. Setting screen time limits, encouraging movement and eating well before class help make online learning time engaging and fun.

Online Learning Sets Students Up For Academic Growth

The emergence of Online Special Education Program may be a new and challenging experience for students and teachers alike.

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