Tutoring for students of any age

Everyone learns differently, and everyone has different learning needs. Whether your child is starting elementary school or heading off to college, GradePower Learning®'s programs help students of all ages reach their academic goals.

R.E.A.D Elite

Ages 3 - 6

For when school is just getting started, our R.E.A.D Elite program helps build reading confidence and the essential skills needed to give young students a strong academic foundation.

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Beyond Tutoring

Grades 1 - 8

Being motivated to learn is an important part of the learning process. We help grade school students discover that learning is fun and rewarding, and help them develop the school skills they need to tackle learning with confidence.

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Grades 9 - 12

Tests, midterms, exams, and homework can make high school challenging for teens. With our Advantage program, teens build the strong thinking and learning skills they need to get ahead and stay there.

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College Age

Applying to college is a big step in any student’s life, and our unique studying approach and cognitive development programs help students feel prepared and ready to tackle the challenges of college.

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Why Choose GradePower Learning Centers®

We don't just want students to pass the next test—we want them to develop better thinking and learning skills for life!

Learn Invaluable Skills

Learn Invaluable Skills

We teach the importance of time management, problem-solving and homework techniques.

Don't Drill and Repeat

Don't Drill and Repeat

We promote active thinking and teach children to discover their own learning process.

Make Leaps

Make Leaps

Students are encouraged to take chances, make leaps, and try and try again.

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What Parents
& Students Are Saying...

Thank you to the teachers at GradePower for their help, support and encouragement as my son prepared to take 2 difficult private high school entrance exams. Their academic guidance helped my son excel on the exams and he got into his dream high school. He is so excited! Thanks again for your part in helping my son accomplish his goals!

Donna C.

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