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GradePower Learning’s Top Learning Sites Roundup

School has been closed for two weeks. Likely you’ve already played all your board games, walked around your neighborhood, watched tv, and played online.

Whether it’s workbooks or museum tours, math games or science experiments, there are so many great free online resources available, keeping the learning going at home can be as simple as opening up your computer.

Check out some of the sites we’ve shared on social media this past week.

Visit a Virtual Museum!

While we might not be able to see priceless works of art in person, you can take a virtual tour of museums, galleries, and aquariums!

 Whether it’s the Louvre in Paris, the Tate Modern in London, or the Boston Aquarium, you can top up your cultural experiences all while in the comfort of your own house!


Whether it’s reading, math, or just for fun, Education.Com has a robust online library of worksheets, lesson plans, and ISPs for students from K-5th Grade. Not sure where to start? The site allows you to select by grade, subject and topic so you can choose a worksheet that sparks your child’s interest. Sign up is as simple as using your Facebook account, although certain features are only available to premium members, there’s plenty of options available!

Famous People Reading to Children

If the thought of reading the same story to your kids one more time is less than appealing, you can let someone else do it thanks to Operation Storytime!

Search the hashtag #OperationStorytime on social media and you’ll find videos of both famous authors and actors reading beloved children’s books. The website Romper has rounded them up for you in one handy post. It’s a great way to help your kids get all the mental benefits of storytime while you get to take a break.

Learn Math with Card Games

Practicing math skills at home could be as simple as grabbing a deck of cards! Weareteachers.com compiled a list of 16 simple math games that are not only fun to play, but that also make learning math a game! Number sequencing, addition, subtraction, multiplication and fractions, these games are great for building confidence in basic math skills.

Adventure Academy

Adventure Academy is an online learning community for students up to age 13 by the same company that created ABC Mouse.

It’s an interactive site, so if your kids are missing their school friends, this site could provide some social stimulation. Combined with great graphics and personalized characters, Adventure Academy is sure to grab kids’ attention. 

There is a free for 30 days option for parents as well as a fully free version option if a teacher or school administration completes the form on your behalf.

Banzai Financial Literacy

For the budding banker in your home, Banzai teaches kids real-world financial literacy. Whether it’s developing budgeting skills or learning how to pay auto insurance or navigating taxes, Banzai offers kids a chance to learn about subjects not always taught in school. 

Courses are divided into:
Junior, for elementary school
Teen, for middle school 
Plus, for high school
If your child has a six-digit class code from school, you can sign up for free! Banzai is a great chance for any student to learn about the value of a dollar. Check out Banzai

No Red Ink Writing Resources

Perfect for the budding writer in your home, No Red Ink builds stronger writers through interest-based curriculum, adaptive exercises, and actionable data. 

Parents or students can get access to their many grammar and writing activities to help. Sign up easily with an existing google or clever account, select areas of interest, and load up a grammar or writing activity of your choosing and get started toward mastering writing skills.

Unleash the writer within with No Red Ink

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