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How Failing Can Help Students Succeed

Getting a failing mark in a test can be a tough lesson for students, especially when students studied hard and tried their best. 

But while getting a failing mark on a test or a project can be a blow to a child’s self-esteem and confidence, in the overall learning process, failing a test or a project can be a valuable lesson for students.

In school and life, setbacks happen. When they do, they also present opportunities to explore different options, try new paths, and implement new strategies.

Determination & Effort

When parents and teachers focus on highlighting the effort and determination that students put into their work, rather than focusing on test marks, it helps students become better at overcoming any potential future obstacles they may face.

Despite obstacles and challenges, a willingness to try can increase confidence and lead to healthy self-esteem and better learning attitudes.

Learning that it’s ok to fail and that failure is a normal part of the learning process helps teach students important lessons about perseverance, determination, and effort.

Failing is Normal and OK

Being afraid to fail can even impact a student’s willingness to participate in class. Rather than giving up after a failing mark, students should reframe every failure as a challenge to do better next time! 

Knowing that failure is a normal part of the learning process is key to a positive learning attitude.  While the idea of failing can seem scary, it helps students develop learning skills, boost their determination, and build self-esteem. 

While no student wants to get a bad mark, the skills students use to study for a test are, in the long run, more important than the result of a single test. Consistency and effort are habits that help students learn from setbacks and keep going forward.

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