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Top Ways To Help Your Child Stay Engaged Over The Holidays

Children playing a board game with their parents.

Time off during the holidays is meant for relaxing and taking a break from the busyness of the school year. At the same time, it’s important that students keep their minds active and alert during the holidays so they can return to school with the right mindset.

Keeping engaged doesn’t mean sitting down for hours of homework each night—it means partaking in activities that make them think. If your kids are critically thinking and learning during the holidays, then getting back into a routine when school starts again won’t be difficult.

Keep reading for more fun and education holiday learning activities!

Elementary School Tips

Tip 1: Play Memory Games With Your Child

Memory games are a great way to keep your child’s brain active over the holidays. They help improve memory, strategy, and concentration skills. Memory games are also fun so you’ll get no complaints from your child when you propose a memory game during a long car ride or when waiting for dinner. Memory card games where your child matches or finds the missing item are great activities help your child exercise and strengthen his or her memory muscle.

Tip 2: Do Arts & Crafts

If you have craft supplies lying around at home, use them for a fun craft! For many students, doing arts and crafts at school is a way they can express themselves and get creative. Make sure that your child is able to keep expressing him or herself at home during time off school. Arts and crafts improve creative thinking, self-esteem, coordination, and even mental wellness. Get out those pipe cleaners and popsicle sticks—it’s time to get crafty!

Middle School Tips

Tip 1: Keep Organized

Be sure that your child keeps his or her day planner updated over the holidays. This way, when your child returns from holiday vacation, he or she isn’t out of practice with keeping organized. Your child can schedule dog walks, babysitting, movie nights, and other planned activities during the break. Simply maintaining the habit of using a planner over the holidays will make transitioning back into the school year much easier.

Tip 2: Play Strategic Board Games

Board games play a crucial role in young people’s learning and development. Playing strategic board games can improve critical thinking skills, cognitive development, and concentration. They are also a great way of taking a break from worrying about the stress and anxiety that may have been building throughout the school year.

High School Tips

Tip 1: Form A Study Group

For many students in high school, exams happen soon after they return back to school. It’s important that students are prepared for any upcoming exams—and that means studying during the break.

If a student needs to study over the holidays, a study group may be a great option. Students have a lot more free time to coordinate meeting times and study spaces are less busy. If your child wants to study at home, help your child create a study schedule that allows him or her to study a small portion of the material each day. You don’t want your child leaving all the studying to the last minute!

Tip 2: Read For Pleasure

Students in high school are required to read a lot of course material and often don’t have time to read for pleasure. The winter holidays are a great time for students to relax and catch up on some reading. Reading for fun improves comprehension skills and reduces levels of stress. Reading during the holidays also ensures that returning to textbook learning when school rolls around won’t be a big adjustment.

Learning Can Take Place All Year Round

These tips are a great way to keep your child on track and engaged over the holiday break. And if your child still needs a bit of a boost—we’re here to help!

Our tutors are available all year round to ensure that your child is retaining everything he or she learned during the school year. Learn more about our tutoring services today.

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