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COVID-19 and Literacy

Literacy is one of the most critical learning skills for children, teens, and adults. It allows you to have the necessary skills to communicate and navigate every important moment of life. Developing reading and writing skills allow you to have a more successful future. COVID-19 has unfortunately caused many young learners to struggle with these skills. Students are expected to graduate high school with effective literacy skills for future success. However, this past year of distanced, online learning has negatively impacted the way students learn to read and write. That is why getting students back on track with their literacy skills is so critical.

Lower reading and writing skillsets have a social, democratic, and even financial consequence on young learners. Young students who transition into adulthood with inadequate life literacy skills are more likely to have lower work salaries, health, and community involvement. Learn more about the importance of literacy skills and how students can improve literacy during COVID-19.

How Covid-19 Has Impacted Young Learner’s Literacy

The pandemic has caused a significant roadblock to learning experienced by nearly all students. Even before the pandemic, UNESCO found that six out of ten children and teenagers are not learning properly across the globe. These young learners are unable to meet proficient reading and mathematic skill sets. Literacy enriches a young learner’s life and allows them positive future opportunities. Sadly, COVID-19 has hindered learning, especially literacy, based on a number of factors  including:

  • Lack of Technology: Students living in more isolated, rural areas may come from families with limited resources. Schools required students to have fast WI-FI and suitable computers to access online classes. However, not all families are able to afford the learning requirements. In fact, 4.4 million American households do not have access to computers for online classes.
  • Less Significance To Education: Once in-person learning transitioned to online learning, some students and parents degraded the importance of education. This is because online learning is far from the traditional, in-person education experience. Students have expressed that they don’t believe they’ve been learning during online school. For many students, it’s become a monotonous routine of eat, sleep, homework and repeat.
  • Lack of Mental Health Resources: Many students utilized in-school counselling and mental health resources outside the home. Children and teens away from their friends and teachers may have struggled with anxiety, social isolation and sadness. Changes in a child’s behaviour can be a direct result of the pressures of distanced learning during the pandemic.

Prioritizing and Improving Literacy Skills During COVID-19

Learning institutions dedicated to helping students focus on and improve their cognitive learning and literacy skills are crucial. Inclusive literacy teaching embraces students from all education and demographic backgrounds to ensure each student is heard and learns at their own pace. Inclusive literacy learning can effectively empower young learners by encouraging self-reflection, confidence, critical thinking and discovery. Literacy teaching that encourages collaboration and individuality may be exactly what students need during a year of social isolation. Parents can also support their child’s literacy development at home by encouraging communication, reading together, word discussions and more.

How Tutoring Services Help Improve A Child’s Reading and Writing Skills

GradePower Learning’s English tutoring services provide young learner’s with the essential tools to be proficient in reading and writing. We understand the importance of life literacy at GradePower Learning and are dedicated to helping children develop and improve their skills for the future. Literacy is a lifelong, fundamental skill. Our English programs help with the basics of reading and writing, editing and overall reading comprehension. These are the key skills that are transferable in every subject. Contact a location near you today!  

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