Our Approach To Learning

We help your child learn with purpose and with confidence.

We focus on every aspect of a student’s success and create a program that works with your child based on his or her unique learning style.

What are the aspects of our approach?

  1. Our approach is based on Cognitive Learning theory. We focus on a student’s ability to take new information, and build on it with what he or she already knows. Our students think actively, so that they can tackle new problems with confidence.
  2. We balance one-on-one instruction with self-directed work to encourage independence and help students discover motivation.
  3. Our environment motivates and inspires students to keep them comfortable when completing their work. Our Learning Centers are designed to build learning confidence.

What are the steps of our approach?

  1. Dynamic Assessments.
    We work to understand the bigger picture of a student’s learning strengths and weaknesses. We understand what it takes to bring success in any learning environment.
  2. Cognitive Learning.
    We develop a learning plan which emphasizes thought and growth. We work towards a students’ academic goals.
  3. Developing Confidence.
    We create an environment where students can take chances with learning. We want students to challenge themselves using what they have learned.
By signing your child up with GradePower Learning®, you become a part of our winning approach. Find a location today!

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