Proper Prep Leads to College Success

College success does not always come easy. Many teens are not equipped to handle the increased demands of post-secondary education. Teens struggle with the pressure; for many, the transition to higher education is not an easy one.

In fact, in the United States, the overall dropout rate for undergraduate college students is 40%. source.

Thirty percent of the dropout rate comes from college freshmen dropping out before their sophomore year. And, nearly 1/3 of all college students don’t have a degree six years later source.

While there are many factors that contribute to these statistics, such as social and financial considerations, not being prepared to meet the increased academic demands is a factor that teens have control over.

Beat the Odds! Take Action in High School!

Teens can take action while they are still in high school to ensure that they have the skills necessary for a smooth transition to college life and post-secondary success. Strong study and cognitive skills help teens take control of their studies, stay on top of the increased workload, and better manage the demands on their time.

By developing stronger study skills while they are still in high school, teens stack the odds in their favour. Stronger study skills equip teems with the habits and routines to manage the increased workloads in college.

Skills for College Success, Lessons for Success in Life

Check out the top skills and habits teens need for post-secondary success:

  1. Goal-Setting: Once students decide college is right for them, the goal-setting process has already started. From applying to their top school to graduating in their program, goal-setting is crucial for academic success. Read more about goal-setting skills.
  2. Planning & Organization: Students have a lot more assignments and deadlines to keep track of. Ensuring they have good organization skills to plan their priorities helps keep workloads manageable. Read more about planning skills.
  3. Asking For Help. Many undergraduate students struggle without knowing where to turn for help. Knowing what resources are available to them and accessing them when needed helps students manage their stress.
  4. Having a Good Routine. Routines are key to managing both stress and workloads. Ensure to use a daily planner to stay on top of schedules and manage time. Read more about the importance of routines.
  5. Mental Health. Mental health can affect a student’s ability to be present while learning. It’s important that students make time every day to take care of their well-being so that they are able to focus on their studies.

Get Help Now!

Whether just beginning the college application process, or already at college, GradePower Learning’s Application Support and College Prep programs can help teens develop stronger study skills and better learning habits they need to beat the first-year odds, get great grades, and become successful in college. Reach out to a GradePower Learning location to learn more.

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