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It’s report card time! Which means it’s time for your family to sit down together and go over final grades. Report cards aren’t meant to be glanced at and thrown in the trash; a report card chat is essential for highlighting positives, planning how to fix trouble spots, and working together to ensure the next report card is even better.

Here are some helpful tips for having a family report card chat:

1. Sit Down Together & Remove Distractions:

Don’t talk about grades when someone has to run out the door in ten minutes, or with TVs blaring and cell phones buzzing. Set aside a chunk of time and make the most of your discussion.

2. Start Positive:

There is always something positive to highlight. A compliment in the teacher’s comments, an improved grade from last year, or a decent mark in a tough subject. Just because some areas might not be what you hoped for, it doesn’t mean you should ignore the good parts!

3. Check Emotions:

Report card chats can quickly escalate to frustration, stress, and arguments. Recognize that parents and students are in this together: you both want better grades! Stay calm and listen to worries, complaints, and struggles, and remember to be empathetic.

4. End with a Plan:

Come up with a plan together to tackle trouble spots so next year’s report card is better than this one. Summer learning should be part of that plan, and GradePower Learning® can help! Take advantage of the opportunity of eight weeks off to catch up and get ahead so next school year starts strong and ends strong.



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