School Planners Can Help Students Get Better Grades

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Most students have a school planner or some sort. Some students have  paper planners provided to them at the start of the year.  But the question is, does your child use their school planner effectively? Using a school planner every day–even on the weekend–can lead to not only improved organization, but also better grades.

In the course of a regualr school day, students encounter a lot of information; it’s a lot to remember! In fact, the amount of information that students are asked to remember can lead to information overload! Information overload happens when students feel overwhelmed are do not process or manage information properly. It can even lead to school anxiety and stress.

Luckily, students have a tool they can use to manage information overload and give their memories a boost: a school planner! By writing items out by hand into a planner, students boost their short-term memory.

Better than short-term memory

If a teacher assigns a reading and a student doesn’t write it down, how long will they remember it for? Research shows that short-term memeory can only hold information for between 15-30 seconds. One simple way to not have to store items in short term memory is by writing them down in a school planner!

Great for keeping track of homework, readings, and other school assignments, using a school planner regularly has many other great benefits for students as well.

School Planner Benefits:

  1. Increases Organization. Writing out tasks and checking and following a list helps students become more organized not only in their school work but in their everyday lives.
  2. Reduces Stress. Staying on top of their workload can cause students stress. Having a place to write their assignments out can reduce the stress and worry about staying on top of their workload. 
  3. Managing Time. Using their planners to keep track of study time for upcoming tests, students eliminate the need for cramming or pulling an all-nighter.
  4. Better Grades. By tracking homework as it’s assigned, planning their study time, and not forgetting about upcoming tests or assignments, students get on track for better grades.

Use A School Planner Effectively with these Tips:

While many schools provide planners for their students, not every student uses their planner effectively. Use these tips to ensure your child uses their agenda every day to reap the many benefits agendas can provide:

While many schools provide agendas for their students, not every student uses their agenda effectively. Use these tips to ensure your child uses their agenda every day to reap the many benefits agendas can provide:

  1. Bring the planner to school every morning and to every class.
  2. Write down any homework and assignments.
  3. Bring the planner home every night. Take it out of the schoolbag.
  4. Complete all assigned work and readings, checking items off as they are complete.
  5. After all work is done, be sure to put the agenda back in the schoobag.
  6. Repeat every day.

With practice and repetition, using a school planner can become a reliable part of your child’s school routine helping them reduce stress and get better grades.

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