Setting Goals for School Success

Every student has goals: passing math, improving reading and writing skills, or being accepted to college. But without taking action, goals are just wishes.

Identifying goals, writing them down, and creating actions to achieve them keeps students on track and boosts their learning motivation! Simply put: goal-setting helps students get better marks in every subject and transform their wishes into reality!

Turn Goals Into Actions

It’s not enough to just wish for better marks: research shows that students are 42% more likely to achieve a goal when they write them down. Writing a goal down helps students have a visual reminder of what they are working toward. Whether it is on a calendar, in an agenda, or on a big post-it on the wall, students should always write it out!

Whether it’s getting a better math mark or being accepted to a top college, students work toward achieving their dreams with reliable goal-setting practices!

On Track to Success

No matter where students stand academically, this practice gives a sense of purpose and creates benchmarks for students to track their progress. 

Having something to work toward is a confidence booster, helping students stay motivated and on track. As students check off small tasks, they see the end result getting closer, which makes them feel successful and accomplished, which increases the desire to keep working toward the end result!

Follow the CAM Goal System 

While goals differ depending on many factors, goal-setting is simple with the CAM System:

  • State Goals Clearly. Be as specific as possible. Identify the end result.
  • Make Goals Achievable. Set realistic targets for improvement. Don’t aim for an A if the current grade is a C minus. Work toward a B minus first, then adjust.
  • Make Goals Measurable. Set milestones to track progress and boost motivation. Set timelines to track progress. Adjust as necessary.

GradePower Learning’s customized learning programs help students learn to set learning goals while providing support as students work toward achieving their dreams.

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