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13 Signs Your Child Needs A Tutor

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Struggling grades, homework meltdowns, school stress—if this sounds like your child, you’ve probably asked yourself the question: “Does my child need a tutor?”

Children can benefit from tutoring in many ways. For some, a tutor can help boost performance in a particular subject that may be causing struggles. For others, tutoring develops learning skills students can use to learn more effectively and manage stress.

So, how do you know if your child needs a tutor?

Here are 13 red flags to watch for in your child that could mean he or she needs a bit of extra help in school.

Does Your Child Need A Tutor?

Red Flag: Not progressing in school

What to watch for: Your child has trouble keeping up with the material being learned in class, and is falling behind the level of his or her classmates.

Red Flag: Steadily slipping grades

What to watch for: Your child’s grades have started dropping over the past months, either in a particular subject or across the board.

Red Flag: Meltdowns about homework

What to watch for: Your child puts up a struggle when it’s time to complete homework assignments, and nightly homework sessions regularly end with your child frustrated or in tears.

Red Flag: Lying about homework, tests, or assignments

What to watch for: Your child avoids schoolwork by telling you he or she doesn’t have homework assignments or upcoming tests to prepare for.

Red Flag: Spending too much time on assignments

What to watch for: Your child spends hours working on homework and assignments that he or she should be able to complete much quicker.

Red Flag: Saying he or she “hates school”

What to watch for: Your child constantly says he or she “hates school”, especially if your child is saying this about a subject he or she previously enjoyed.

Red Flag: Poor test grades

What to watch for: Your child is consistently bringing home test grades that are much lower than his or her previous performance.

Red Flag: Difficulty managing time effectively

What to watch for: Your child doesn’t seem to have enough hours in the day to complete all of his or her work and assignments.

Red Flag: Lack of confidence

What to watch for: Your child lacks confidence in school or a particular subject, causing him or her to stop putting effort into schoolwork in class and at home.

Red Flag: Hiding report cards

What to watch for: Your child routinely hides results by not delivering his or her report cards or test grades to you.

Red Flag: Procrastinating on assignments

What to watch for: Your child puts off working on homework, assignments, and studying for tests until he or she absolutely has to.

Red Flag: Anxiety about going to school

What to watch for: Your child gets stressed or upset before school each morning. He or she may complain of stomach aches, headaches, or other symptoms that seem to only appear before school.

Red Flag: Showing signs of a learning difficulty

What to watch for: Your child has ongoing difficulty with reading, writing, or math without showing improvement. He or she may also have a hard time paying attention or behaving in class.

If you see any of these red flags in your child, they may be signs that your child needs a tutor. A professional tutor can help get to the bottom of your child’s issues and make a plan to get him or her back on track.

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