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Simplify At-Home Learning With a Study Studio

Setting up a Study Studio makes learning at-home simpler. Creating an area to learn without distractions and keeping supplies and materials nearby helps students get into a learning mindset quicker and stay there for longer, which makes time spent learning more effective!


Whether it’s the kitchen table, a desk in a bedroom or office, or a card table in the basement, the Study Studio doesn’t have to be fancy to be effective.

When you designate one room or area as the go-to home study space, students’ brains eventually associate this area with learning.  When they sit down at their Study Studio, their brains enter ‘learn-mode’ sooner which makes learning time more effective. Students pay better attention to the lesson, are more engaged in learning, and remember more about what they just learned.

The goal of a Study Studio is to maximize the attention students devote to their learning time. Whether it’s online with teachers and tutors or when completing work offline, Study Studios minimize the amount of effort necessary to get ready for an online class.

Here’s How To Create An Effective Study Studio

  1. GATHER WHAT YOU NEED: You likely already have all the materials you need to create a Study Studio in your home. It’s as simple as choosing a spot where learning can happen then gathering up all the necessary supplies, such as a chair that’s at the right height, a solid surface such as a table or desk, proper lighting, and a box to keep all learning materials and supplies together.
  2. PICK THE RIGHT SPOT. Try to avoid having the Study Studio in a bedroom or in the living room—these are places meant for relaxing and sleeping. If the Study Studio is in a bedroom, avoid moving on to the bed. Research shows that studying or learning on the bed can affect sleep patterns, limit focus, and decrease productivity.
  3. REDUCE DISTRACTIONS. The point of the Study Studio is to help students make the most of their learning time. This means reducing distractions, shutting off TVs, turning down radios, and closing the blinds.

Creating a Study Studio is simple with these three easy steps! Choose a dedicated space to learn, reduce distractions, and place all the materials children will need within reach. This ensures that when students log onto their next zoom class they are ready to learn and able to stay focused for the entire class.

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