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The Importance Of Having A Summer Math Tutor

Summer is finally here! After a rather non-traditional year of online learning, students are dreaming of full days away from learning spent doing nothing. As exciting as that may sound, it leaves very little room for learning! According to Harvard, students lose 2.6 months of math learning over the duration of summer. It’s easier to lose math skills than reading skills, because both children and parents alike often forget about math outside of the school classroom. That’s where a summer math tutor comes in!

Parents and children can prioritize math learning into the summer with the help of a summer math tutor. Summer math tutoring prepares students for the next year and helps them maintain learning momentum all year long. Does your young learner need a summer math tutor? Read on to learn more about the advantages of having a math tutor during summer.

How A Summer Math Tutor Helps Young Learners

Whether your child has a great math performance or needs some help in the subject, summer math learning programs can help. They allow your child to grow more and allow them to explore complex mathematical concepts in a fun and interactive way. Some young learners especially need assistance with math during summer. Here’s how to tell if your student needs the help of a summer math tutor:

  1. Your Child Has Difficulty Focusing: Focusing can be challenging for learners of all ages. Although sometimes a lack of focus is not always long term, distraction can really hinder a child’s learning experience. Math requires active focus as it involves a number of complex, multi-step problems. Students have to apply many steps to find the solution. With a lack of focus, problem-solving is less straightforward for a child and they may miss important steps. A summer math tutor is completely dedicated to helping students give 100% of their attention to the math material.
  2. Your Child Has a ‘C’ Grade or Lower In Math: A “C” letter grade indicates that a student did not score quite well on their math tests and assignments. This is not a reflection of them as a student, but more representative of their lack of understanding the course material. In math, students need to learn and understand one important concept before they learn the next. That is why it is critical for your child to comprehend the course material thoroughly. With the help of a summer math tutor, they can improve from that “C” grade.
  3. Your Child Wants To Prepare For the Future: If your child is having trouble understanding the current math material, they will not be able to understand next year’s course concepts. When that learning is neglected, children will fall more behind. Summer math learning programs help children prepare for future math course curriculum. They also ensure that they’re able to completely comprehend the current math course material.

Sign Up For Summer Math Learning Programs Today

GradePower Summer Learning programs encourage all year math learning for students. Regardless of how skilled a student is in mathematics, no young learner is completely immune to summer learning loss. A Summer math tutor is is engaging helps students with their lack of focus to learn. Sign up for our renowned summer math tutoring program to help your child maintain math learning momentum!

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