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Tips to Develop Stronger Organization Skills at Home

Organization skills at home lead to better grades in school. But what do organization skills look like? How can you tell if your child needs help developing better organization skills?

Messy bedrooms. Untidy book bags. Forgotten assignments. Missing school notes… as a parent, you’ve probably dealt with these issues. After all, not everyone is naturally good at organizing, and it’s not a skill that is normally taught in schools.

Luckily, there’s good news! The skills we use to be organized at home are the same skillset that leads to better grades in school. Skills such as sorting, arranging, grouping, categorizing … These are all skills that can be practiced at home and transferred to the classroom. 

That’s because the act of organizing, sorting and arranging objects leads to the ability to mentally organize information. 

If students can organize their sock drawer, they can organize their study and learning habits as both these activities draw on a similar set of skills.

Weekly Organization Skills Tip: Collect something!

Rocks, stickers, stamps or seashells, collecting is a great way to develop organization skills. 

Gathering items is the first step; once the collection is large enough, it’s time to sort, group, arrange and categorize—all skills that are important to becoming organized!

Build Organization Skills by Grade

Build organization skills at every age with these tips! 

K to 2ND Grade

3RD to 8TH Grades

9TH to 12TH Grades

Develop Organization Skills at Home! 

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