Tutoring is the Solution to Covid Learning Losses

Education suffered when the COVID-19 pandemic began. School closures brought significant changes to students, forcing them to adapt to online learning. Experts agree that tutoring helps students overcome COVID learning losses.

Despite the circumstances, students, parents, and teachers have been doing their best. Although, there’s still an underlying concern about the long-term effects of the pandemic and whether or not the students will be able to catch back up.


It’s common for students to experience learning losses over the summer since they no longer use their brains the same way they would in a classroom for 8 hours a day. Once school resumes in September, the student gets back into the swing of things within weeks. 

But, the pandemic lasted much longer than summer break, causing a significant drop in learning skills, motivation, and cognitive retention. It also affected the social lives of many students. Due to all the uncertainty and stress over the last 18 months, mental health issues have increased in adolescents. The sense of normalcy and routine is gone, affecting every student and their overall performance in the classroom


Unfortunately, students have suffered lifelong effects from the education disruptions of COVID. The term “unfinished learning” describes the reality that students were not given the opportunity to complete all the learning they would have in a typical year. source

“Unfinished learning” has two main consequences:

  • An unprepared student progressing through school without the key foundations of knowledge, constantly playing catch up.
  • Having to repeat the year to get the necessary credits, which can potentially to the incompletion of high school and limited opportunities for the future. 

Education experts agree that the clear solution to overcoming COVID learning loss is tutoring. If you have ever considered tutoring for your child, this is the perfect year to start!

“Research consistently shows that tutoring interventions have substantial positive effects on student learning. As a result, tutoring has emerged as a promising strategy for addressing COVID-related learning loss and affording greater education opportunities.“



Some school districts are considering free tutoring programs to help students overcome COVID learning loss. But not all tutoring is the same quality! source

So what qualities make an effective tutoring program? Many studies point to these key factors:

  1. Qualified Teachers. Rather than working with another student, effective tutoring employs certified teaching staff who have indepth training and skills. All GradePower Learning tutors are full trained and qualified.
  2. Assessments and Customization. With learning assessments, tutors are able to build specific programs that meet the student’s exact learning needs. GradePower Learning’s Dynamic Assessment has both a cognitive and academic portion that allows us to create a program unique to each student’s exact learning needs.
  3. Small Groups. In such small groups, teachers are able to personalize teaching to the specific students and focus on the subjects that student neeeds the most. All GradePower Learning classes have three students to one teacher, allowing a balance between instruction and self-directed work.
  4. Relationship Building. In small groups on a consistent schedule, it is easier for a student to develop a relationship with a tutor they see at dedicated hours several times a week. Students feel connected to the learning and to their instructor and well as to the other staff who they see regularly.
  5. Confidence Building.Tutoring boosts students’ confidence as they begin to make academic progress. Students also build confidence because of the consistent, reliable educational routine and the connection they develop with their tutor and tutoring program.
  6. Consistent & Reliable Schedules. Tutoring is most effective when it is provided in a regular and reliable schedule. At GradePower Learning, students attend a minimum of one-hour classes at least twice a week. This regular and repeating schedule is key to helping students see the most academic gains.

Discover Tutoring to Beat Covid Learning Losses!

If you have concerns about your child’s learning this year, tutoring can help students recover learning motivation and skills for a better school year. No matter what happens, Grade Power Learning is here to help, providing school and learning support that helps students reach their goals every step of the way. Find a location and enrol today!

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